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Primary School

Year 6 Oak and Ash Classes 2021

Welcome to Year 6 Oak and Ash Classes 2021.

We are taught by Mrs Jenny Parker and Mr James Sidebottom. Miss Joanne Crossland, Mrs Kirsty Taylor and Miss Kerry Parkin also help to teach us. During lunch time, Mrs Sandra Warburton and Miss Michelle Patrick assist us.

Our Project this Term

In the Britain at War project, we will learn about the main causes of the First World War and which countries were the major players. We will investigate why so many men volunteered to fight and then sequence the events at the start of the war. Using various sources of evidence, we will learn about life in the trenches and the consequences of new weaponry. We will listen to first-hand accounts of life on the home front and evaluate the impact of war on everyday life. We will also discover the events that led to the Allied Powers’ victory and the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles. The children will also learn about the causes and main events of the Second World War. We will find out how Britain prepared itself for war and the war’s impact on civilian life. We will learn about the Battle of Britain and how it proved to be a key turning point for the Allied Powers. We will also hear about Anne Frank and discover what her story tells us about the treatment of Jewish people by the Nazi Party. Together we will research the causes and consequences of the end of the Second World War and investigate the legacy of the wars in Britain. Closer to home, children will research the life of a local First World War hero who sacrificed their life fighting for Britain. We will also investigate the legacy of these global conflicts in the post-war period.

Our Class Novel


Narrated from an unusual perspective, Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse tells a powerful story of humanity and friendship that touches people of all ages.

In 1914, Joey, a young farm horse, is sold to the army and thrust into the midst of the war on the Western Front. With his officer, he charges towards the enemy, witnessing the horror of the frontline. But even in the desolation of the trenches, Joey’s courage touches the soldiers around him.



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