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Primary School

Year 5 Elm and Beech Classes 2021

Welcome to Year 5 Beech and Elm Classes.

We are taught by Miss Brown and Miss Hathaway.

We are supported in our learning by Mrs Barton Mrs Stanton and Miss Kennedy.

Our Lunchtime Supervisor is Mrs Barnes.


Groundbreaking Greeks!

Are you ready to step back in time to a land of fierce competition, fantastic architecture and a fight for the top?

Join us as we journey back to Ancient Greece to look at some amazing artefacts (in our role as archaeologists), study the Minoan and Mycenaean civilisations and discover what life what really like in the great city of Athens. We will also be investigating and researching more about 'the father of medicine' - Hippocrates and looking at Greek arts and culture, the importance of Mathematics and how the Olympic Games began! Did we mention that we will be finding out who Alexander the Great was, as well?

So there is absolutely no time to waste! Take a look at our Knowledge Organisers below to find out more...


To learn more about our topic, click on the Knowledge Organisers below. 

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Class Novel

Our linked class novel for our Groundbreaking Greeks topic is 'Who Let The Gods Out'.



When Elliot wishes upon a star, he doesn't expect a constellation to crash into a dungheap on his family farm. 

The star is Virgo. She thinks she's perfect. Elliot doesn't. And together they release Thanatos, evil Daemon of Death ... epic fail. 

They need the King of the Gods and his noble steed. Instead, they get a chubby Zeus and his high horse Pegasus. 

Are the Gods really ready to save the world? And is the world really ready for the Gods? 

Homework Area

Click on each subject to access useful games and resources to support your learning. You can also find our weekly spelling lists here. Practise as often as possible, ready for our weekly Spelling Check! smiley

Backing track 'All You Need Is Love'

Backing track for ' Blinded by Your Grace '

Backing track ' Mardi Gras'

Backing track 'Ai Caramba Samba'