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Primary School

Year 5 Elm and Beech Classes 2021

Welcome to Year 5 Beech and Elm Classes.

We are taught by Miss Brown and Miss Hathaway.

We are supported in our learning by Mrs Barton, Mrs Stanton and Miss Macklin. 

Dynamic Dynasties

For our Autumn Term topic, we will be engaging with a brand new Knowledge Rich Project called 'Dynamic Dynasties'. Come with us as we step back in time to learn more about daily life in ancient China! For over 4000 years this amazing and historical country was ruled by a range of different dynasties, with the throne being passed from one commanding family to another. Archaeologists, get your trowels at the ready, as we dig deep and find out more about the Shang Dynasty, the significance of bronze, jade and silk, and the turmoil that takes place when a dynasty is overthrown! 

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Class Novel

Our linked class novel for our Dynamic Dynasties topic is 'Bronze and Sunflower'.



A beautifully written, timeless tale by bestselling Chinese author Cao Wenxuan, winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award. When Sunflower, a young city girl, moves to the countryside, she grows to love the reed marsh lands – the endlessly flowing river, the friendly buffalo with their strong backs and shiny round heads, the sky that stretches on and on in its vastness. However, the days are long, and the little girl is lonely. Then she meets Bronze, who, unable to speak, is ostracized by the other village boys. Soon the pair are inseparable, and when Bronze’s family agree to take Sunflower in, it seems that fate has brought him the sister he has always longed for. But life in Damaidi is hard, and Bronze’s family can barely afford to feed themselves. Will the city girl be able to stay in this place where she has finally found happiness? 

Homework Area

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