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Primary School

Year 4 Chestnut and Rowan 2020

Welcome to Year 4 Rowan and Chestnut. We are taught by Miss Emma Brown, Mr James Sidebottom, Miss Kendall Macklin and Miss Dawn Stevenson.

Grab your wetsuit. We’re going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures. Can you pick a favourite fish, plant or animal? What do real divers get up to below the surface? Create a fishy story about exploring an amazing underwater world. Time to go a little deeper into our seas. Make a model deep sea submarine that can withstand great pressure and travel to the deepest, darkest places on Earth. Make sure you test it first. What are those bright lights in the distance? It’s a group of bioluminescent sea creatures. Look closely and create a colourful, 3-D art exhibition when you rise to the surface. Flippers on? Snorkel ready? Let’s head into the Blue Abyss.

Our Class Novel


The year 1866 will always be remembered for a strange event. For months, sailors around the world were reporting an odd sight. Each of them saw something that was faster and bigger than any sea animal. Sometimes it even looked like it was lit up! The object had been seen by too many people to say that it wasn’t real. The mystery did indeed exist. In April 1867, a large ship was hit by the beast. The accident scared everyone. Finally people wanted to find this monster who ruled the seas.

About the Author

Born in Nantes, France, during the Industrial Revolution, Verne, a man of extraordinary vision, was fascinated by the changing world he lived in, particularly the technological improvements. While at university, instead of following in his father’s footsteps and studying law, he was writing adventure stories, plays and poems. When his father discovered that his son was spending most of his time in literary rather than legalistic pursuits all financial support was withdrawn, forcing Verne to leave university to support himself. He successfully worked as a stockbroker until he became a literary success becoming the second most translated author in the world.