Primary School


Primary School

Reception Acorns Class 2021

Welcome to Reception Acorns Class 2021.

We are taught by Miss Rachael Vincent and Mrs Katy Clubb.

Our project this half term is called 'Long Ago.


This project teaches children about how they have grown and changed since they were babies and how life in the past was different from today.

Here are some home learning ideas you could do with your child to support and enhance their learning at school-


-Look at photographs from when you were a baby and talk about the
changes that have happened. 


-Memories are things that we remember from the past. Talk about some
of your special memories, then draw and write about them.


-We use words like first, then and next to order events and show the
passing of time. Draw pictures or write simple sentences in the boxes


-Look at family photographs and talk about who is in the photographs
and how you are related. Draw and label your family.


-Talk to your grandparents about their past. You could ask about where
they lived, what games they played, who their friends were and what
their school day was like.
to show the order you do things when getting ready for school in the


We love to share stories in Acorns class and we often use stories to support our learning.

Here are some of the stories we will be sharing as part of our 'Long Ago' project. If you have any of the stories in the list, it would be great to read these at home to support the learning in school.


The Tiger Who Came to Tea Judith Kerr 9780008280581
Rosie’s Hat Julia Donaldson 9781447266129
Peepo! Janet and Allan Ahlberg 9780141337418
Once There Were Giants Martin Waddell 9780744578362
Major Glad, Major Dizzy Jan Oke 9780954792121
Coming to England Floella Benjamin 97815290454

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