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Primary School


Philosophy for Children at Gamesley Primary School


At Gamesley Primary School, we help children develop the skills they need to critically engage with information and viewpoints that they encounter in their lives. We give children time to think, ask questions, wonder and discuss in an environment where:


  • Everyone is welcome to speak
  • We respect all opinions
  • We try to be original
  • There is no right or wrong answer
  • We listen and respond to each other


The purpose of philosophy for children is to create a caring classroom situation where children:


  • learn to listen and respect each other

  • learn to be clear in their thinking and to make responsible and more deliberate judgements

  • learn to be more thoughtful by basing their decisions and actions on reasons


Each session begins with a stimulus, perhaps a picture, a short story or video clip. Children are then encouraged to explore themes and ideas by raising questions and sharing thoughts and ideas. Children learn to ask questions in response to a variety of stimuli, each other and the teacher, to give reasons for their opinions, examine their own values and tease out their own and others' assumptions about an issue.


Have a look at some of the stimuli links below with your child.

See how deeply they make you think. See what questions come to mind.