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Primary School

Gamesley School's Pupil Parliament

Meet the team!


Members of our Pupil Parliament have now been elected.

The team is already proving to be an invaluable asset. They have a working lunch every Friday with the head boys and girls to discuss issues and ideas that affect everybody within the school community.

The team will be holding an assembly on Thursday 8th January to explain the role of the parliament and each child's individual role within it.

In brief, roles are as follows:

Ellie Y4 - Minister for Foreign Affairs

Bradley Y4 - Minister for the Environment

Eryn Y5 - Minister for Peace

Rhiannon Y5 - Minister for Energy

Jack Y5 - Minister for Behaviour

Keeley  Y5 - Minister for Equality

Olivia Y6 - Minister for Health and Wellbeing

Chloe Y6 - Minister for Education