Primary School


Primary School


Here at Gamesley Community Primary School we have a holisitc approach to the teaching of music.

Singing and music making is an integral part of the Early Years and Infant Curriculum.

In Year 2, the children take part in a series of ten Glockenspiel lessons through which they learn the concepts of pitch and rhythm.

In Year 3 we introduce whole class recorder lessons and in Years 4 and 5 the children are loaned a brass instrument free of charge and have weekly lessons with a specialist brass teacher.

Those children who wish to continue with their music tuition can opt to become members of the school brass band in Year 6. Our brass players all join the Halle orchestra once a year and perform at the Bridgwater Hall in Manchester. 

Our choir offers children to chance to develop their singing abilities, and perform before friends, family and take part in competitions. Every year, the choir take part in the Young Voices concert at the Motor Point Arena in Sheffield, performing with thousands of other children supported by professional musicians and singers.

From January 2022 we will be introducing weekly structured music lessons  based on the "CHARANGA" scheme of work in Years 1-3 and again in Year 6 to complement the specialist brass and wider music lessons delivered in Years 4 and 5.