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Gamesley School Local Governing Board


At Gamesley Primary School we have a Local Governing Board (LGB) who work closely with the Head Teacher along with other Senior Leaders at the Academy.


Gamesley Primary School is a proud part of Victorious Academies Trust. You can find out more about our Trust on their website (click here) The Trust has delegated the role of making many key decisions that affect the education and wellbeing of our pupils to the LGB.


The Governors are involved in:


Setting the Academy’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;

Holding the Principal to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its pupils; and

Overseeing the financial performance of the Academy and making sure money is well spent.


The LGB is vital to the successful running of the Academy. Governors from our local community bring a wide range of skills and experience to the LGB. Parent Governors are elected by the parents of pupils at our Academy and have an important role in LGB decision making.


You can find more details about our Governors' Terms of Office, Register of Interests and Attendance on our Trust website (click here) .


You can contact the Interim Chair of Governors, Simon Thirlwell through the Academy office on 01457 853721 or  by email at


If you would like to help the Academy and share your expertise by becoming a Governor, please contact the Head Teacher via the Academy office who can tell you more about what the role involves.

Being a School Governor


Governors have a vital role. They help set the strategic direction of the school and ensure it delivers on its responsibilities. This requires a group of committed people from many walks of life with a mix of skills and experience. They all share an interest in education, a desire to help the school and an enquiring mind.


Almost anyone over 18 years of age can become a governor. There are no particular qualifications or requirements other than a commitment to give time to the role and a capacity for working with other people. The most important thing is that governors have skills to contribute and the willingness to learn and develop their abilities as governors.


This is a part-time, voluntary role which is very rewarding and interesting.


We are currently seeking applications to fill a  Parent Governor vacancy.  A Parent Governor is a person who is elected as a governor by the parents and carers of the pupils of the school and who has the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.   There is an extensive training and induction programme for new Governors.  


We are looking for people with time and energy to commit and the skills to help us make our school the very best it can be for the children in our community.     


If you would like to find out more about governance at Gamesley Primary School please visit our Trust Website.


If you would like to discuss the role and what’s involved informally before you make an application please contact the school.

Who Are the School’s Governors?

We have 13 governors representing different stakeholders in the school and the community. We always look to have:


  • 1 Trust governor

  • 7 Community governors;

  • 2 Elected parent governors;

  • 2 Staff governors; and

  • the Headteacher


The best governing boards are made up of people with varying skills sets and interests. At Gamesley we all have a specific responsibility (for which no prior experience is needed) and sit together every month to focus on the Teaching and Learning and the Resources aspects of the school (such as finance, budgeting, personnel, buildings). The table below lists our current governors, their roles and business interests.

We are always happy to answer any questions about school governance and our work, or to hear from individuals who may be interested in becoming school governors. We can be contacted via the School Office at




Commencement of current 4 year term

Link to Gamesley

Business/pecuniary Interests






Gemma Parkin

Trust Governor and Vice Chair

December 2018


Deputy Headteacher of Mellor Primary School


Mike Greenwood

Parent Governor

December 2018

Local parent

Director of Kompelec


Paul Bohan

Community Governor

1 February 2022


CEO of The Zink Project






Tammy Snape

Staff Governor

December 2018

Pastoral manager at the school



Simon Thirlwell


Community GovernorFebruary 2019Husband of staff member PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP






Deborah Meredith


December 2018 (no end of term date)



Jacqueline PriceCommunity Governor1 February 2022 Director of Raffles Consulting Services and Home & Dry Management Limited 






Stephen GoodfellowCommunity Governor14 December 2021 None


Meet the Governors