Primary School


Primary School


 The curriculum at Gamesley School is rich, challenging and relevant. We deliver reading, writing and talking through a series of exciting and relevant topics across the curriculum. Each topic has focuses on one subject area - history, geography, science, RE etc; but also makes links across the wider and creative curriculum. 

We begin each topic with by hooking the children in with a memorable experience. We then set the scene and provide the context for learning, ask questions to find out children's interests and spark children's curiosity using interesting starting points. 

We then develop the children's learning by teaching facts and information for deeper understanding and knowledge, giving them opportunities to demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation. Our curriculum also provides creative opportunities for making and doing.  

The third stage of each topic is when we provide imaginative scenarios that encourage creative thinking, enable children to apply previously learned skills, encourage enterprise and independent thinking and provide opportunities for collaborative working and problem solving.

Finally, each topic finishes with a series of lessons through which the children can express their learning. Teachers provide environments for reflective talk and create opportunities for shared evaluation. We also create many opportunities for families to come into school and 

celebrate and share children's success.

Underpinning the creative curriculum, we precision teach subject specific skills using a range of published materials. Click on the link below to see an overview of this year's topics below and browse the individual tabs to find out more out our approaches to teaching each subject.