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Primary School

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice for parents

Asymptomatic testing information for parents and adults in households with children at school or college

NHS Test and Trace announced earlier this week, that all adults in households with school and college age children without symptoms can now access regular rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) testing.

Test kits can either be collected or ordered online, as set out below. Schools should not give test kits to parents, carers or household members and should not order more test kits for this purpose. Secondary school and college students will continue to access testing through their school or college.

Please share the information below with your parent networks to help answer any questions they may have.

Undertaking regular, rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) testing helps reduce transmission of the virus. Parents and other adults in households with children at school or college, who do not have symptoms, can now access regular, rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) testing. This includes childcare and support bubbles.

Tests are fast, easy and completely free. There are different ways for a household, childcare or support bubble to collect their test to take at home, twice-weekly:

  • through your employer, if they offer testing to employees
  • by collecting a home test kit from a local test site – anyone aged 18 or over can collect 2 packs of 7 tests
  • by ordering a home test kit online – please do not order online if you can access testing through other routes, this frees up home delivery for those who need it most

If you have any queries about the tests, and you live in England, please call 119 (free from mobiles and landlines). Lines are open every day from 7am to 11pm.

Children of primary school age (and below) without symptoms are not being asked to take a test.

Testing is voluntary, but strongly recommended to all who are eligible. Alongside the vaccine, washing hands, wearing face coverings, and maintaining social distancing, rapid testing plays a vital role in reducing transmission rates. Getting into the habit of regular testing as part of our everyday lives will help us all to play our part and do what we can to protect each other.

Find out more about our remote learning provision by reading the document below.

If you do not have the devices you need to access learning at home, please contact us. You can read our loan agreement here..

Thank you to both parents and staff for your ongoing patience, hard work and positivity in these difficult and ever changing times.

School is currently closed to most children but the staff are in and are here to help.


If you are a key worker and unable to keep your children at home, please talk to us about accessing a school place. In addition, if your children meet the criteria for being a vulnerable learner, they can also be able to access a school place.


We are providing virtual learning for all our children at home. Please let us know if you are having any issues with accessing Class Dojo or Google Classroom. 


Thank you everyone!  

Please see below for the answers to some of your questions about our plans for reopening....


When does school open?

School opens to all children on Monday 7th September at 8.45 am


What are the arrangements for drop off each morning?

We will ask most parents to drop off their children at the large gates that lead into the bottom playground between 8.45 am and 8.55 am. Staff will be at the gates to greet the children.  Please queue behind each other as you wait to send the children in. 

However, parents of children joining our Reception Acorns Class will be able to come onto the playground for the first couple of weeks to hand their little ones over to the staff.

The parents of children in our "Orchard" provision should accompany their children to their classroom and hand them over to their key workers as usual.

In order to maintain social distancing, we do ask that only one adult from each family brings their children to school and that any younger brothers or sisters who cannot be cared for at home are either in pushchairs, on reins or at least standing right next to their accompanying adult. 

We will not be storing scooters or bicycles in the school grounds for the time being. 


What should my child wear and bring to school?

Children should wear full school uniform including smart flat black shoes which fasten securely to the feet and a showerproof coat. Please name EVERYTHING so we can reunite lost items quickly - we won't be storing a lot of items in Lost Property for any length of time.


We have now decided that children will  bring PE kits into school on their PE days - their teachers will let you know about these via Dojo and on the class web pages. Children will need a book bag which they will bring to school each day. Please also ensure that they have a named water bottle with them in school each day.

Water bottles, PE kits and book bags will be sent home every day to allow for efficient cleaning of the cloakrooms and classrooms. 


Please don't send in large bags as we are trying to keep cloakrooms as clear as possible to enable efficient cleaning. Lunchboxes should be carried in by hand - not stored inside another bulky bag.  We are also not allowing children to bring in bikes, scooters, toys or stationery from home. 


What about breaks and lunchtimes?

We will stagger the times of the breaks so that only half the school are outside at any one time and can therefore use both playgrounds and spread out. We will encourage the children to stay within their class "bubbles" as far as possible.

Similarly, only half the school will play outside during the lunch-break while the other half eat their food inside. Most children will eat in their classrooms to avoid over crowding in the dining room.


End of the School Day 

We are going to operate a one-way system at the end of the day with parents coming in through the gate at the front of the school and leaving via the playground gate.  Children will be released one by one to their parents who will be asked to wait behind respect barriers. The school day will finish at:

Reception Acorns: 3.05 pm

Years 1, 2, 3 and 4: 3.10 pm

Years 5 and 6: 3.15 pm

Please note, we will only allow children in Years 5 and 6 to walk home unaccompanied if you have completed and returned the online permission form which will be sent to you by Friday 4th September. All other children must be collected by a known adult. 

Please collect your youngest children first. Because parents will be coming onto the playground, it is even more important that minimise numbers. Only one adult per family please and if possible, do try to arrange for younger children to be cared for at home rather than coming along to school. Children must not be allowed to run free around the playground and as soon as you have collected your children please walk straight out of the school grounds following the one way system to the gate at the front of school. 


Keeping in Touch

Please try to avoid using the front door to drop off your children. We also ask that you do not come up to school in person during the school day without an appointment as we want to protect our front office staff as much as possible. This means being very organised in the mornings and making sure your children have everything they need for the day, to avoid the need to come up to school later to drop off lunch bags or other school equipment. 

For the time being, school staff will not be able to chat to parents at the classroom doors. They will be checking Class Dojo regularly for messages and will answer you as soon as possible. You can also email the school office or give us a call, and we will ensure messages are passed on as quickly as possible. 




COVID – 19 Guide for Families

What to do if…


Return to school

My child has COVID-19 symptoms

Do not send your child to school

Immediately contact school on the absence line and continue to ring on the each morning of your child’s absence by 8.30am.

Get a test:

Contact school as soon as you have the test results.

If your child remains unwell even after a negative test, please keep them at home until they are well.

When they have  a negative test and they no longer have any symptoms.

My child tests positive for COVID

Do not send your child to school.

Contact school immediately to inform us of the positive result.

Your child must self-isolate for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms.

Your household must isolate for 14 days.

Your child can return to school after 10 days if they feel better even with a mild cough or loss of taste or smell. Do not send them back if they still have a high temperature.

Someone else in our house has COVID-19 symptoms

Do not send your child to school.

Contact school immediately.


Test for all members of household with symptoms.

Inform school of the results.

If test results come back negative and your child is well.

Someone else in our house tests positive for COVID-19

Do not send your child to school.

Contact school immediately.

Household self isolates for 14 days.

On day 15 after isolation period is completed  (if well).

NHS Test and Trace have identified my child as a “close contact” for COVID-19

Do not send your child to school.

Contact school immediately.

Household self isolates for 14 days.

On day 15 after isolation period is completed  (if well).

NHS Test and Trace have identified a member of our household as a “close contact” for COVID-19

Other people in your household including your child, do no need to self-isolate if the person with the NHS test and trace message does not have symptoms.

Do not have visitors in your house.

The person with the NHS track and trace message must avoid contact within the household as far as possible.

Your child must attend school as normal.

My child or other members of my household have travelled to an area of the world where a mandatory 14-day quarantine is in place.

Full list below:

Do not send your child to school.

Contact school immediately.

Household self isolates for 14 days.


On day 15 after isolation period is completed, (if well).

We have received medical advice that my child or a household member must resume shielding.

Do not send your child to school.

Contact school immediately.

Keep your child at home until restrictions are lifted

Medical advice has been given that the period of shielding has ended.

There is a local or national lockdown.

Refer to the website , emails and texts for details of any school closures.

Once you are informed that school has reopened.

Coronavirus flow chart for children and staff

   Keep checking this page for the latest daily advice from the DfE.