Primary School


Primary School

18.09.20 Hectic Hacking!

This week in Year 6


Hello everybody,

This week we have been very busy. On Monday we started with Guided reading, we read a short narrative called The Virus. The narrative was about a computer that got a nasty virus which ruined a lot of data. Three people named: Joe, Angela and Spencer tried to retrieve the missing data. They got the bulk of the work back but some was still missing. I really enjoyed the plot of the narrative and I'm really looking forward to next week's Guided reading. 


In our topic, Tomorrow's World, we have been learning about different types of viruses. We also learnt about networks, this included; Routers, Hubs, Firewalls, Servers and how they connect to each other. It was very technical! We also did an algorithm, made a code, looked at robots and created different games on a website called Purple Mash.


In Maths, we learnt about place value up to 1,000,000. On Friday we moved onto addition and subtraction with 6 digit numbers.


On Monday afternoon, an Tameside Active Coach came into school to teach us Rugby. We learnt how to throw and pass a ball using the correct technique. Even though we had fun, it was a scorching hot day!


Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it!