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               A grant from Awards For All in April 2015 enabled us to realise our pupils' dreams to develop the grounds as a space for wildlife,

               creative play and growing. Scroll through the photo gallery at the bottom of this page to see what has been achieved so far.




This is the ultimate eco accolade for schools and the next step in our ECO journey. We aim to fly the flag at Gamesley by summer 2017.

We have an ECO Code which defines our ethos. The ECO Committee meets termly in addition to weekly club meets. They work as ECO ambassadors, identified in school by their green badge. We carried out a school-wide survey and identified priority topics as Energy, Waste and Biodiversity.

In November we joined in with Energy Month 2016. Pupils learnt all about the energy topic - where it comes from, the big energy issues, why it's important to use it efficiently, and how to save it.

Our Energy Monitors wore their badges with pride and took their job very seriously: there was a certain gloom around school this month! Staff were both delighted and humiliated as they were named on green and red cards for remembering to switch off lights, computers and whiteboards. The children appreciate that their teachers work extremely hard so they just needed a gentle reminder to be mindful. Thanks, team! Keep up the good work at home, too!